Tyres are all that stand between your vehicle and the road!

Maintaining your vehicle’s tyres is an important part of ensuring you and your family are safe on the road. Here at Ultra Tune, we provide comprehensive tyre maintenance & repair services to keep your car safe and running at its best!

We carry and fit a huge selection of tyres. We’ve got sizes and brands suitable for most vehicles, and we’ll work with you to find quality tyres that match your car and budget.

We use only state-of-the-art equipment for tyre fitment, balancing and wheel alignment. On top of your Ultra Tyres service, we also offer 12 months of Roadside Assistance for peace of mind. Please refer to our Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions.

A Typical Ultra Tune Tyre Servicing & Repair Includes:

  • Checking of tyre tread depth
  • Treadwear condition report
  • Checking tyre pressure & adjustment
  • Checking if the wheel’s rotating appropriately
  • Balancing the tyres

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Tyre and wheel FAQs

What is the ideal pressure for general tyres?

In most cars, the recommended tyre pressure should be listed on a sticker inside the driver’s door or should be mentioned in the driver’s manual. General cars recommend 32psi to 35psi in the tyres when they’re cold.

When do I need new tyres?

All tyres that’re six years and above need regular inspection. Here at Ultra Tune, we provide comprehensive tyres & wheels services to keep your car safe on the roads. If your tyres are worn out, has less than 1.5mm tread depth or visible sidewall damage, it’s time to replace your tyres.

What’s causing my tyres to wear unevenly?

When the shoulder of the tread on one side of a tyre wears faster than the adjacent tread surface, your tyres wear unevenly. This can be caused due to front and/or rear misalignment, lose or worn suspension components, hard cornering, improper tyre rotation practices, misapplication, high crown roads or non-uniform mounting.

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