Facing uneven tread wear? Or is the car pulling to one side? Chances are that your car needs an Ultra Tune wheel alignment service. 

We offer professional wheel alignment & wheel balancing services at affordable prices!

From inspection to execution, our highly skilled technicians handle your car service from start to finish. They use the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure your vehicle has optimum wheel alignment and balance.

A Typical Ultra Tune Wheel Alignment Includes:

  • Checking suspension angles
  • Setting up the wheels with the correct camber adjustment, negative or positive (depending on your car’s original specification)
  • Making sure the steering wheel is pointing straight
  • Assessing the condition of your tyres tread blocks to determine if you need new tyres

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Ultra Tune Professional Wheel Alignment Service

The professional wheel alignment service we offer at Ultra Tune is carried out by our highly skilled mechanics using the most modern equipment.
We’ll check your suspension angles, set up your wheels with the correct camber adjustment, make sure your steering wheel is pointing straight ahead at the same time as the wheels are, and assess the condition of your tread blocks to determine if you need new tyres.

Why is correct wheel alignment so important?
It’s all to do with safety and cost. If your wheels and suspension system have been knocked out of alignment then your tyres can suffer excessive wear that will seriously affect the life of your tyres.
At best that can mean splashing out for new tyres, which nobody enjoys. In the worst case scenario a tyre may suddenly deflate, causing your car to swerve dangerously – that’s never good, whether you’re on your own in the car or have your family with you.
When your wheels are properly aligned you car will steer better and have improved high speed stability.

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